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Drainage Ditches

License #383840 and #764386

Drainage ditches are dirt ditches

Drainage ditches are dirt ditches that are lined, with from three to six inches of concrete. With the most common ditch being two foot wide by one foot deep after placement of shotcrete (type B ditch). There are a variety of shapes depending mostly on the amount of water to be controlled.

Three foot wide one foot deep (type D) all the way up to a seven foot wide three foot deep trapezoid ditch, required for certain commercial applications.

Drainage Ditches

Most of the ditch specifications are described in the San Diego County Book of Standards. We have the ability to excavate whatever ditch is required per plan with our 191Kabota excavator. After excavation our setup crew comes in to place either 6x6x10x10 wire mesh or 17gage wire mesh depending on the county and plans.

A shotcrete crew is then scheduled to place the concrete.

We work with both contractors and homeowners striving to make the customer happy with a quality job.

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